Topic 4: Body, Mind, Spirit

The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion. How do you view above statement. 

Somehow, I started to fall in love with the quote stated, which is “The body is the greatest possession, the mind is the greatest treasure and the spirit is the greatest companion“. This quote explained, in a short sentence, that to survive in this adventures life, we need this three element to survive. Each of these element plays a big role in our life. 

The first thing which has pointed out in the sentence are “the body is the greatest possession”. Based on my understanding, this sentence refers to our outside health. A healthy body will lead to a happy lifestyle as we have aware, with a healthy body we can do and achieve anything that we are planning to do. A healthy body can control our soul and produce a great mind. With that, we will become more energetic on doing something. So, in order to have a healthy body, mind and soul, one must do an exercise instead of laying on their bed doing nothing. 

Next, “the mind is the greatest treasure”. The treasure here means rich. People nowadays label someone’s wealthy by looking at their bank account or the way they are dressing. But, the real definition of the wealthy is our mind. A mind that can come out with a creative idea, a mind that can solve any problems that they have in their daily life prove that money can’t solve your problem, but our mind did! Whatever it is, we have to take care our mind from any injuries that might harm the greatest treasure that has been given by Allah! 

Last but not least, “spirit is the greatest companion”. Spirit is the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. While companion is referring to a friendship. Spirit plays a third big role after body and mind. If someone is feeling unhappy and don’t have energy in doing their work on that day, it shows that their spirit is zero. To “feed” our spirit, we must get closer to Allah as He will help us. Believe me, if someone with a high spiritual, she or he will never be sad. Their life will full of happiness and nothing can’t stop them. 

To end this topic, I would like to stress on my view that a healthy body, a great mind, and happy soul play a big role in someone’s life. We must take care of this element in order to be happy.

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