Topic 3: Money Can Buy Happiness

“If money were the only criterion by which a child’s welfare can be gauged, then a baby bought for as much as RM40,000 on the black market would seem set for life. For money-rich but child-poor couples, it is a small price to pay to introduce a small life into their home. The cot is gilded, the blanket monogrammed, the college fund filled to the brim. All that’s wanting is a bun in the oven. And where there is a baby-for-sale racket, money can indeed buy happiness. And after all, why not?” (NST, March 3, 2013)
 Provide at least two(2) premises or two (2) counter agreements for the statements based on your agreement.

For some people, baby symbolize as happiness. Some said it is a small matter for them to buy a baby from a black market in order to have a happiness in their family. This refers to a rich couple who has everything except for a baby. This statement shows that money can buy and ensure their happiness. However, I disagree with the statement because money can not last longer and what will happen to the couple who claimed that money can buy their happiness? Will they be happy?

 My first counter agreement is, money will not last longer. With the economy crisis that our country is facing right now, there is no ensure that our saving will last forever. With the presence of GST (Goods and Service Tax), everything that we buy will cost double compared to the original price before been applied GST. Hence, lots of money will be used. Plus, when we have a child, we have to pay for her study fees, also not to forget the books that will be used and lots more. (Malaysia Hari Ini, 2016) What will happen to a family when they facing a money crisis? Will they survive? I’m sure, this will lead to a divorce. What will happen to the happiness that everyone claimed money can buy happiness? Therefore, money will never ensure your happiness as it will depend on the current situation.

Next, my counter argument is that the child has right to stay with their biological family. What if the child is not happy with they way she or he been raised up? If the answer is not, they might provoke or worst run away from the family. This strongly proves that money can’t but someone’s happiness. In addition, in future, the child will face a problem such as during their wedding ceremony. If the child is a girl, she has to find her real father as he is her legal guardian. Without her guardian, she can’t get married. This will lead to a frustration of a child and somehow this will cause other problem such as suicide. Hence, money can't buy happiness especially to the child.

 In conclusion, it is true that money can buy everything in this world except happiness. Bear in mind that money is not everything that would last long. To find that long lasting happiness, you really cannot easily trade it with money.

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