Topic 2: Stereotype

Stereotyping is exaggerated generalizations associated with a categorizing system, they go beyond the facts at hand and make claims that usually have no valid basis. However, it is also something that most people find difficult to avoid from doing. What do you think? 

Stereotyping is a hasty generalization about a group based on a judgment about an individual from that group. As for myself, stereotyping is not a good thing to be practised in our daily life. There are so many reasons on how stereotyping could happen. 

First, stereotype happens because it has been practised since we are a kid. Kids, watched a cartoon, for instance, snow white. The ending of the story is that snow white, the beautiful lady got married to a young and handsome prince and the bad and the step mother is visualized as a bad woman in the movie. So, as the kid grown up, they believed that only beautiful girl got to have a happy marriage life with a handsome husband. Whenever they saw a beautiful lady, they will have that thought that this young lady will have a happy ending in her life. Different cases when they met an ugly person. They will assume her as a bad lady that has a bad intention towards them. (Davis, 2009) 

Next, it is on how we evaluate people. On our first meet with someone, the first thing that catches our eyes is the first thing that we will make is an assumption towards them. For instance, when we saw him or she used an iPhone, we will assume that she or he came from a rich family. Other’s example is in driving situation. When a woman drives a car, men will make a conclusion that women are not a good driver. They claimed that all those accidents were caused by a women driver. This is an example of stereotyping that actually happened in Malaysia.

There are lots of drawback of stereotype habit. One of it is, stereotypes will lead to prejudice. As we have known, prejudice refers to an unfavorable predisposition about an individual because of his or her membership in a stereotyped group. Throughout history and around the world, people have held negative stereotypes, and they have been prejudiced against others. Prejudice could make a person lost his opportunity to get a job. For instance, a black man trying to apply for a job in a white company. As he is black, he can’t get the job.

In my opinion, I do agree with the statement that stereotype is a very hard thing for us to avoid in our daily life. This is because we don’t ourselves experience their negative consequences. For instance, the effect to a women driver. They might scare to drive even though there is an emergency case that asks them to drive, as a men drive could do anything to prevent them from driving. On the other hand, we tend to have a stereotype on a new people that we have met, because, we are born with a judgemental attitude, based on a study on judgmental, people loves to judge anyone without knowing them personally. (Dato Fadzilah Kamsah, 2010). 

To be concluded, a stereotype is not a good habit. As parents, we should watch our children closely on what movie they are watching as it plays a big role in developing their thought about life. Stereotype also cause others to have a bad experience in their life and this will lead to others crime, for example, robbery. The human need money to survive in this globalization world, but if people keep have a narrow-minded on other’s based on their colours skin, how can someone survive in this cruel world. With that, everyone should respect each other. Treat each person as an individual rather than as part of a group. Do not assume that people will have certain traits or behaviour simply because they belong to certain groups or nationalities.

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