Topic 1: My first impression on Critical Literacy

Assalamualaikum to everyone who is reading my post especially to my critical literacy (CL) lecturer, Miss Anis Arianti. I am Nur Nabila from semester 4 and one of my subjects, which is CL asked us the students to create our own blog with the given topic and the first topic is my first impression on CL.

First of all, the first time I heard about this subject is when I was in semester 3 and it is from the seniors but still I am not very familiar with the subject as well. And the first thing that pops up on my mind is; this subject is a killer subject and by hook or by crook I must excel this subject with flying colour. This is because, this subject is continuous from previous semester which is, Introduction To Tertiary Learning (ITTL). As everyone; semester 4 and above, acknowledge, this subject is one of the hardest subjects which “helps” in dropping your pointer. I asked my mentor, Mr Aliff for more details and information regarding this subject and according to him, this subject required a lot of patient and determination in order to at least pass this subject. Bibliography and in-text citation are a must thing that should be added in any assignment of CL and use the correct format of it. If in semester 3, we can take bibliography as an easy thing but when I step into semester 4, the bibliography is a thing that should be taken seriously.

But when I attend the first class with Miss Anis, my view or my perception on CL had changed. We are now MUST think critically on a certain topic, brainstorm our ideas deeply and lots more. For example, given two picture of Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi to be our Prime Minister, which one will you choose? Student or anyone will choose Mahatma Gandhi instead of Adolf Hitler because of his achievement bring freedom to his country, India. But if we look through CL’s view, Hitler is much more suitable to be our Prime Minister because his credibility in doing his job. He is a military leader and his appearance shows that he is into his duty. In CL, point out your statements using why and why and why until it can’t be questioned or argue anymore is the real definition of critical thinking and this is what I will apply in this subject.

 With the guidance from Miss Anis I believe that by the end of the semester, I could achieve one of my mission which getting at least GPA of 3.75 and above with this subject. I am now eager to know this subject very well and to create a lot of memories with Miss Anis as well as the subject; Critical Literacy. I hope, this subject will run smoothly without facing any obstacles and getting helps from Miss Anis and friends will help me a lot. I will work hard for this subject and for Miss Anis.

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